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El Dorado

Den här bloggen tänker jag använda till att organisera upp mina planer om hur jag ska bli rik i framtiden! Strategin är att satsa i säkra aktier med bra utdelning.

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2018-12-07 - SAAB's new stock issue is more expensive than the..
Rights to buy the new SAAB shares are going for 30kr now and you need 4 of them to buy a share, which will then cost 225kr. But if you are a current owner, you have these rights already. So if you..

2018-11-21 - (saknar titel)
Starbreeze gaming publisher has been a terrible stock to own. From almost 25kr (around 2.5 USD / Euros) in 2016 to a low of 3.4 kr yesterday. It's now up to 4kr today and I hope this was the bottom...

2018-10-24 - (saknar titel)
SAAB AB just collapsed by 16% in two days. This is due to the news that SAAB will be issuing a new emission of stocks which will bring in 6 billion kronor and dilute the current stockholders by a..

2018-10-04 - Why I am not buying H&M or shop there in one..

2018-09-30 - (saknar titel)
Boeing / SAAB team has been selected as winners of the US Air Force T-X competition. While important for Boeing, it is more so for SAAB, putting SAAB with the big boys in military aircraft..

2018-07-10 - Purchased AT&T
Last week I bought a few shares of AT&T @ 32.74, today it is at 31.15 USD, bringing me up to 140 shares. At these prices, AT&T enjoys a dividend of over 6%.I was a little on the fence on this..

2015-08-27 - (saknar titel)
Bought 25 shares of RDS.B today, at 49.92 USD. Not a personal buy, but for my mother, because I am mostly out of investing money myself.Shell yields 7.56% and is an incredible bargain. The only..

2015-08-26 - Portfolio Update: Day after black monday
Wow, I was in the red, down almost 40k since my last update in July, and that was pretty bad too. But today say a rebound, but maybe its a dead cat bounce? Stocks I'm interested in checking out to..

2015-07-09 - Portfolio Update - Greek Crisis!
Hello everyone. I've decided to change to English to reach a wider audience and also my Swedish just wasn't very good :).Anywho, its been a while since I last updated because things really didn't seem..

2014-12-26 - Sålt: ARCP / Inköp: AT&T
Jag gillade ARCP, men det var för mycket drama helt enkelt, sålt vid 8,21USD, förlust på cirka 24%. Jag är inte beredd att vara den sista att hoppa av båten denna gången, det är bara för svårt att äta..

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