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Global Stock Ideas from a Nordic perspective

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2023-01-10 - Smartphone usage - Myopia - Part 2
In the early days of my blog I talked a lot about my investment process, how I tried to combine top-down analysis of long term trends with bottom-up stock picking. I still think the best ideas comes..

2023-01-02 - Summary 2022
This has been one of the most eventful years since I started investing, I would say only 2008 tops it for me. War in Ukraine, crazy inflation, huge rate hikes, collapsing currencies and China who..

2022-11-26 - Portfolio updates, new holding and other thoughts
After a fairly long period of lower activity both on the blog and holding wise, in these past weeks I have sprung to action to make some changes. Others like Swedish Match were force upon me, now to..

2022-09-25 - Anicom - Dominant Japanese pet insurance
Time to reveal my first investment in a truly Japanese company (that is bought with Yen and only listed in Japan). What really triggered me to pull the gun was the significant JPY weakening we have..

2022-07-07 - Mid-year portfolio review 2022
It’s been difficult six months to try to find somewhere to hide, I have taken some hits but managed to navigate the downturn decently well. My portfolio detracted -11% in the first half of 2022..

2022-05-11 - Swedish Match my largest position - takeover
It is not every day your largest position get a takeover offer at 40% premium. Surely something to be celebrated – or? Philip Morris International Inc. ("PMI"), has today announced a public cash..

2022-03-13 - RaySearch - The Post-Covid turnaround
Disclaimer: This post is for general information purposes only and does not constitute investment advice. Always do your own due diligence. Please see full disclaimer on

2022-01-23 - "Everything" is a bubble
What does a bitcoin speculator, a Rolex collector, a Magic the gathering cards collector, a wine collector and a tech growth stock investor have in common? Not that much they might think, but in my..

2022-01-04 - My watch outperformed my portfolio in 2021
Happy New Year! There is no beating around the bush on this one, 2021 unfortunately was a lost year for the GSP portfolio. I bought a watch in mid 2021, it has already appreciated with roughly 10%,..

2021-10-10 - GPW - Warsaw Stock Exchange Group
Summary + Exchange business are attractive both for their moat and resilience in an inflationary environment. + GPW is trading a highly attractive valuation where even a bear case gives upside in..

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