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Global Stock Ideas from a Nordic perspective

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2022-01-23 - "Everything" is a bubble
What does a bitcoin speculator, a Rolex collector, a Magic the gathering cards collector, a wine collector and a tech growth stock investor have in common? Not that much they might think, but in my..

2022-01-04 - My watch outperformed my portfolio in 2021
Happy New Year! There is no beating around the bush on this one, 2021 unfortunately was a lost year for the GSP portfolio. I bought a watch in mid 2021, it has already appreciated with roughly 10%,..

2021-10-10 - GPW - Warsaw Stock Exchange Group
Summary + Exchange business are attractive both for their moat and resilience in an inflationary environment. + GPW is trading a highly attractive valuation where even a bear case gives upside in..

2021-09-24 - When things go wrong
Back in May-June after my last blog post my life and portfolio was in bloom, I had my best outperformance since the blog started and I was back good physical shape. That did unfortunately not last and..

2021-05-23 - Part 1 - Catching the Value Rocket
A study of small caps listed on the Hong Kong exchange Over the last couple of years much of my portfolio performance can be attributed to a few holdings which have 2-5x in a short period of time. The..

2021-02-23 - Essex Biotech - Why I am bullish
Recently some of you readers have contacted me either through the blog or on twitter to discuss Essex Biotechnology. Since I also recently increased this to a high conviction position, I thought I..

2021-02-22 - VIGO Systems - Polish detector champion
+ Hidden Champion in a niche of IR detector market. + The future use cases of detectors is very large and is growing (for example self driving cars) + Very high margin sales speaks of the quality of..

2021-02-15 - Portfolio changes over the past months
With ~5 years of announcing every buy/sell transaction on the blog, I have now for a while shifted to only post changes under “Trade History”. Sacrificing some transparency but with the..

2021-02-14 - Let winners run or invest with margin of safety?
As you long term readers know by now this blog has two main themes, stock picks and evaluating my investment style. This is another one of those posts where I explore one aspect of portfolio..

2021-01-02 - Summary of 2020
Intro Much can be said about this year, I choose to focus on how extreme the dispersion been this year. A very small subset of the markets has been doing tremendously well in 2020. Bitcoin has tripled..

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