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Global Stock Ideas from a Nordic perspective

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2021-02-23 - Essex Biotech - Why I am bullish
Recently some of you readers have contacted me either through the blog or on twitter to discuss Essex Biotechnology. Since I also recently increased this to a high conviction position, I thought I..

2021-02-22 - VIGO Systems - Polish detector champion
+ Hidden Champion in a niche of IR detector market. + The future use cases of detectors is very large and is growing (for example self driving cars) + Very high margin sales speaks of the quality of..

2021-02-15 - Portfolio changes over the past months
With ~5 years of announcing every buy/sell transaction on the blog, I have now for a while shifted to only post changes under “Trade History”. Sacrificing some transparency but with the..

2021-02-14 - Let winners run or invest with margin of safety?
As you long term readers know by now this blog has two main themes, stock picks and evaluating my investment style. This is another one of those posts where I explore one aspect of portfolio..

2021-01-02 - Summary of 2020
Intro Much can be said about this year, I choose to focus on how extreme the dispersion been this year. A very small subset of the markets has been doing tremendously well in 2020. Bitcoin has tripled..

2020-12-31 - Synektik - Betting on Polish healthcare
Summary + Strong core business of radiopharmaceuticals, natural moat where products can only be produced locally. + Added an extremely successful leg as exclusive Polish distributor of Da Vinci..

2020-11-29 - Portfolio walkthrough - short comments
It’s high time to review my holdings and if anything changed in their investment thesis. This will be a monster post, for me it’s a great way to review all my holdings and make sure I stay..

2020-10-12 - Guest Post - A bullish scenario for global..
We have had many good discussions around Macro lately, so I requested another guest post, enjoy! It's well known that one of the biggest drivers of strong performance for global equities since the..

2020-09-30 - Smartphone usage - ticking time bomb - Part 1
Intro A time bomb is currently ticking in most of our bodies, maybe you are aware of it. But very few of us do anything about it, especially for our kids. This post is the backdrop to a series of post..

2020-08-16 - Breaking 100% Return & Trading disclosure
I can today proudly and happily announce that I reached over 100% return since I started this blog in March 2016. To be exact a 104.9% return vs MSCI World at 60.1%. This has been done with a..

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